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    Thick moulds & plasters

    Thick moulds & plasters

    Amazing work by David Navarro made with thick molds and common masonry plaster. Material known as E-35 or E-30 or molding plaster used indoor decoration and repairs. A great modeler and passionate about the Warhammer.

    For such huge and static dioramas, using materials such as construction plaster can be a good option. It is a very economical material and not as heavy as dental plasters or polyurethane or acrylic resins.
    It is a porous material so once dry and assembled we can make it very hard by applying polyurethane resin as a varnish.

    The plaster absorbs it and hardens a lot! This process can be done with other resins or varnishes. It is a highly recommended step since the buildings will become very resistant and we will be able to paint them better since we will have closed the pore and the absorbent capacity of the plaster.

    Personally, I have used and use this combination of lightweight and economical materials for my gaming tables.
    I really like having the ease of modification and assembly that not very hard plasters offer us, their light weight and their ability to harden when applying polyurethane resin as a varnish without altering the exterior detail.

    Thank you very much David for sharing!