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    Spure goo

    Spure goo

    At a hobby event, I met a @gzulillo, a mould user who made medieval buildings for skirmish games like Mordheim.

    He used the well-known spure go, which consists of diluting Games Workshop plastic in acetone.
    This material does not perfectly capture the detail of the mold but for ruined buildings it seems to be more than enough.

    The resulting buildings are very light and we can glue them with melting plastic glue, obtaining a very strong union.

    We saturate the acetone with plastic until we obtain an optimal consistency (photo)
    When it has the correct consistency, add small amounts and press them a little on the mold and fill little by little.
    So that it does not stick to the hands, we could use gloves and perhaps a little wet with acetone would prevent it from sticking to the hands and we would have a lot of tact when working and pressing it correctly.
    It is not necessary to make thick pieces, a thin plate is enough and it takes less time to set.
    It will harden when the acetone evaporates, it is a very volatile material so it evaporates quite quickly but since it is impregnated in the plastic, it takes hours to completely harden.

    Precautions: Wear gloves, glasses and mask.
    Let the pieces dry in the open air or in a very well ventilated area.
    Read the instructions for use of acetone.


    I think it shrinks a little when it dries but it doesn’t stick to the mold, you don’t have to use mold release agent or anything.The silicone resists acetone very well and we do not notice that it deteriorates with this process.

    Thanks for share dude!