Hardening work: Resin & Plaster

Painting wood with judea bitumen

Quick spray painting. Medieval Fantasy

Casting molds with plaster

Quick Building assembly: Metropolis Sci-Fi

Assembly of polyurethane resin buildings

Quick painting with only 3 sprays

Harden porous materials with polyurethane resin

The first table made by a begginer mate!

Big & Easy Hangars. Theme table

Foamboard + m. crack filler + polyurethane resin = light but strong bases!

Casting mold: Human Warriors. polyurethane resin

Talking with pals: Scratch Attack

Reproduction with polyurethane resin by: Simbad el Marine

Complete table and review of: VEA Spazio Miniature & VEA Editori

Casting plaster with: GirlPainting

Terrain for Warhammer 40000 by: Tabletop Evolution

Great works by: Planet der Bastler

Epoxy resin miniatures by: luis lobo maquetilandia

Unboxing by: MedievAll

Casting units for High Elves

First plaster casts of: Pintado A Juego

Table with Iron Wall mold 77: Deep Games

Unboxing by: Wargame Studio FR

Table with molds Gothic Sci-Fi: Deep Games

Table with molds Gothic Temples: Deep Games

Table with Gothic Sci-fi & Metropolis Sci-fi molds: Deep Games