Scenery Molds (thick) -for plasters, acrilic resin

Scenery Molds (thick) -for plasters, acrilic resin

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Mold 61 Gothic Temples & Tombs

This mold contains: Structural pieces x4, tombstones x4, column x1, abutment x1, triangular piece x1, coffin x1, cabernet x1, skulls x4, pile of skulls x1, sacrum container x1, candles x2, shelf x1, flame x1, stone decoration pointy x1, skulls facade decoration x1.

Pieces on the sides of the mold: skulls facade decoration x8, Fantasy Football badges x5

This is one of the best selling molds! It is tremendously versatile, it serves for futuristic environments and fantasy, it is easy to assemble and quick to reproduce. Without a doubt, essential for your projects!

Realizado con molde Gótico 61
Protect cheap plaster whit poliurethane resin
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Price €34.00

Pack SciFi Molds 101, 102, 103

Pack with the 3 basic molds of Sci-Fi. You will speed up the process of creating pieces if you empty several molds at the same time. If you want to make a full table quickly, this is your option.

Price €57.00

Master Mold 101 SciFi...

This mold contains: structural pieces x3 (wall, floor and balcony) columns x2, door x1, window x1, fan x1, ladder x1, electronic controller x1, advertising poster x1, decorative and modifiable pieces x6.

Like all our molds, this is also designed to modify and cut the pieces to your liking, creating new possibilities.

Price €32.00

Mold 102 Speed Mold SciFi

This mold contains: Wall x3, floor x1, semicircular column x1, square column x1

This mold is designed to finish your projects much earlier. You will multiply pus pieces in a very remarkable way!

Price €26.00

Molde 103 SciFi Vehicles

This mold contains: structural pieces x7, closing column x1, pneumatic wheel x1, train wheel x1, controls / decoration x2.

Although at first glance this mold seems abstract, it is one of the most versatile and fun!

Price €18.00

Master Mold 21 Medieval...

This mold contains 40 pieces: Front of building and side, barrels x2, car wheel, box, bottles x3, jars x3, chest, gold x2, pumpkin, pot and lid, plate of food, cheese, bread, glasses x2, jar of beer, bucket, books x3, parchment, arquebus, sacks x2, door, window x2, bonfire, lamps x2, candles x2, wooden lath x1.

Mold full of details, we could say that it is a 2 in 1 mold, there are large pieces for houses and medieval buildings but also a lot of small decorative pieces like merchandise.

Measurements of the mold: 22cm x 13cm

Protect cheap plaster whit poliurethane resin
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Price €32.30

Mater Mold 22 Stone...

This mold contains 13 pieces: Frontal and side of building, buttress x2, cabelo x2, flame of fire, window x2, gate, piece of wood, strip without texturizing, wooden strip x2 on side external side

Protect cheap plaster whit poliurethane resin
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Measurement of the mold: 21.5cm x 13cm

Price €34.00

Mold 41XXL Roof Medieval...

This mold contains 1 piece: tile roof. 

A huge piece to create roofs. You will save a lot of time, as with all our molds! This piece is designed so that you can make your roofs in an agile way, it is an easy piece to cut and adjust to the size of the building you are making.

Protect cheap plaster whit poliurethane resin
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Price €22.50

Molde 23 XXL Pieces...

This mold includes: very large structural pieces x2, chimney x1, chimney flame x1, chair x1, wood for chimney x1, cabernet x1, flame for cauldron x1, shelf x1, shelf bracket x1, table legs x2

The side of the mold contains: piece of wood for for table x1

This mold will allow you to create very large pieces and therefore, huge buildings! With these pieces based and compatible with the mold # 21 the combinations are multiplied easily and your table will be completed quickly.

Price €27.20

Mold 24 Walls x4 Medieval...

This mold contains:  Different structural parts x4 (right angles).

Well, what to tell you that is not visible! They are 4 large pieces compatible with medieval molds. This mold multiplies the pieces in a remarkable way each time you reproduce your molds. Your project will be finished much sooner with these speed molds.

Price €27.20

Medieval Pack (Speed Molds)

This pack includes: Mold # 23 and Mold # 24

These two molds will greatly speed up the process of reproducing pieces. They are compatible with Mold # 21 and Mold # 22 and ideal to carry out your projects quickly.

Combine these pieces, cut, paste, break and create! The limits are in your imagination!

Price €48.00