Oil Barrels


This mold contains:

Half a Barrel of Oil x10

Designs x3 (3-3-4)

What can I tell you about this mold ... perhaps this element of scenery is one of the most used in all kinds of board games.

Widely used in Warhammer 40,000 from old editions and mandatory in Waaagh Orko armies and vehicles.

A must-have in Necromunda and Bolt Action.

They should also be mandatory in post-apocalyptic and zombie games!

It is an easy to use and very productive mold, with very few reproductions we will make many, many ... many barrels.

Place them everywhere and wherever you need them, permanently on your scenography elements or as individual and modular elements.

A mold for everyone, easy to use and very useful, a good option to start with this world of molds for wargames.

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