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Pack SciFi Molds 101, 102, 103

Pack with the 3 basic molds of Sci-Fi. You will speed up the process of creating pieces if you empty several molds at the same time. If you want to make a full table quickly, this is your option.

Price €57.00

Mold 102 SciFi Speed Mold

This mold contains: Wall x3, floor x1, semicircular column x1, square column x1

This mold is designed to finish your projects much earlier. You will multiply pus pieces in a very remarkable way!

Price €26.00

Molde Gótico Sci-Fi

This mold contains: Window base x1, Window upper part with Gothic arch x1, Window upper part with Romanesque arch x1, Parts for raising windows x2, Gate arch x2, Large arch connection piecex1, Large closing columns x1 , closing column for balconies x1, balcony x1, column half circle x1, column quarter circle x1, shutter of Gothic shape x1, shutter Romanesque x1, pieces of blind x3, decoration for windows x4, buttress x2, decorative embrasures x1 , large door x1, small door x1, column base x2, skull decoration x1, balcony decoration, x1, pieces to create floors x3.

Welcome to the fortieth millennium! This mold is inspired by one of my favorite fantasy universes and also of many of you. I have given it a metal look worn by the passage of time, with many rivets.

This mold allows us to make buildings as high as we want, creating truly epic buildings!

Price €36.00