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    About Us

    Hello to all modeling friends and wargamers.

    I am Alvaro Gomez, a dental technician for 10 years. Thanks to my profession that gives me the knowledge of materials, skills and modeling techniques, I developed this system of agile and dynamic scenery.

    In the process of creating dental prostheses different types of plaster and plaster are used and as a result of the use we give in the dental laboratory, devise these molds to take advantage of excess material.

    I produced a large number of pieces a day, in my mold system the pieces are very very large with the aim that you have to reproduce the mold less times to create your buildings.

    Each mold allows you to make a large number of buildings without relying on other molds.

    It is a system designed to create complete game tables quickly and economically. In this way and as a good modeler I am, I prepare tables for my use of all kinds of environments. As I realized how agile and fast we could create scenery of great playability, resistent when we apply resin to the plaster, and great acceptance among friends, we started selling our creations.

    After a small but successful tiempo making private orders and auctioning scenography elements, I wanted to take the step and offer you the key to our workshop that is our mold system and our versatile plaster resin technique and porous materials.

    Surely, joining our technique to your own materials, imagination and techniques you will make spectacular game tables, very economical and with very little effort!

    Thank you for your visit.