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  • 16,90

    This mold contains:

    Big structural piece x1

  • 16,90

    This mold contains x15 pieces and x12 crystals
    Big doors: x3
    Frames: x4
    Wooden window: x2
    Badges: x4
    Borders: x2
    Jewels: x12

  • Wargames Accessories x98

    This is a mold full of details!

    Contains: boxes, barrels, chests, bottles, beer, pots, swords, tools, cloth, a wooden cart (pieces x 5) cutlery, potions, kettles and jugs, tools, broom, scythe, books, stamps, a honeycomb, a coffin, lamps, gold, an apple and a dove. There are 98 pieces!

    A very fast way to obtain countless copies and always have them available.
    Some pieces are very easy to reproduce and others are more difficult.
    It is ideal to use polyurethane resin for small pieces and to use plaster or acrylic resin for large pieces.
    We must remove the bubbles with a non-sharpened instrument.

  • Human Warriors mold

    This mold has been a lot of fun for me to make and for mine conversions.

    It allows us to create miniatures to complete our Warhammer Fantasy, Kings of war units or our Mordheim and Frostgrave bands.
    We can customize and create many miniatures for our role-playing games, or even to create civilian miniatures.

    It contains fine pieces, we must remove the bubbles with a fine but not sharp instrument.
    This silicone resists many castings of any resin.

  • 8,90

    This mold contains x3 pieces

    Leaded glass designs: x3

  • -15% Off

    This mold contains: Window Base x1, Gothic Arch Window Top x1, Romanesque Arch Window Top x1, Window Raising Pieces x2, Gate Arch x2, Large Arch Joining Piece x1, Large Closing Columns x1 , balcony closing column x1, balcony x1, half circle column x1, quarter circle column x1, Gothic shape shutter x1, Romanesque shape shutter x1, shutter parts x3, window decoration x4, buttress x2, decorative embrasures x1 , large door x1, small door x1, column base x2, skull decoration x1, balcony decoration x1, pieces to create floors x3.


  • Molde 72 Gótico Sci-Fi Speed mold

    This mold contains:

    Door part x1, open window part x1, closed window part x1, closing column x1, skull decoration x1, embrasure decoration x1.

  • 11,90

    This mold contains x6 pieces.

  • 19,90

    This mold includes x32 pieces

    Structures: x3
    Columns pieces: x6
    Floors: x4
    Windows and door: x3
    Graves: x2
    Balcony: x1
    Decorations: x8
    Animals: x2

  • 16,90

    This mold contains x15 pieces and x11 crystals
    Doors x4:
    Window/Antenna: x1
    Frames: x4
    Badges: x4
    Borders: x2
    Crystals/jewels: x11

  • Molde Maestro101 SciFi Dystopian city

    This mold contains:

    Structural parts x3 (wall, floor and balcony) columns x2, door x1, window x1, fan x1, ladder x1, electronic controller x1, advertising board x1, decorative and modifiable parts x6.


  • Molde 102 Speed Mold SciFi

    This mold contains:

    Wall x3, floor x1, semicircular column x1, square column x1


  • Molde 103 Vehiculos SciFi

    This mold contains:

    Structural parts x7, closing column x1, tire wheel x1, train wheel x1, controls/decoration x2.

  • Pack SciFi Moldes 101, 102, 103 -25% Off

    Pack with the 3 basic molds of Sci-Fi. You will greatly speed up the part creation process if you empty several molds at the same time. If you want to make a complete table quickly, this is your option.



  • 16,90

    This mold includes 18 pieces
    Doors: x3
    Combinable doors: x3
    Windows / screens: x3
    PC and keyboard: x2
    Controllers and lights: x4
    Screws: x3

  • 16,90

    This mold includes x27 pieces

    Big wall: x1
    Columns: x6
    Balcony / structure: x4
    Floor pieces: x6
    Structural Glasses: x7
    Borders: x2
    Battlement decoration: x1