Wooden planks & iron nails


This mold contains: Piece of wooden planks x1, thicker wooden plank x1, irregular iron nails x28

Its simplicity is the basis of its versatility.

At first glance it is a wooden floor compatible with # R21 Medieval village molds but it is much more!

With this mold you can create wooden boards of different thicknesses and use them in many of your projects and decorate them with irregular iron nails.

If we use polyurethane resin, we will enjoy all the advantages of flexibility and resistance. We can bend and manipulate to create thin railings, boats of many sizes, different types of bridges, watchtowers etc.

If we use plaster, we will enjoy a material is very easy to work with. In this case, suitable for structures such as houses and barns, this mold is already thin! I always recommend improving the plaster by applying polyurethane resin as a protective varnish.

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When using the resin, you must follow the instructions for use of each brand and the safety and handling measures! Wear glasses, gloves, mask and do it in a ventilated place

Little tips!

1- The resin mixture takes a short time to set, we can increase that time, putting the resin in the refrigerator before using it. This extra time helps us to eliminate the bubbles more easily.

2- Blending the resin helps to eliminate bubbles. A small squeak of turpentine in the already stirred resin mixture liquefies the resin. Another effect is the loss of some flexibility of the resin, this is great for creating ruins and being able to cut and work the pieces.

3- Use mold release spray for silicone molds to less damage the mold due to the use of the resin. You can find them in molding stores like Sumbeart, Feroca, Gaspol etc.