Easy Dungeons


This mold contains: Pieces of wall x4, square columns x2, column semicircle x2, base of circular column x2, pieces for door x2, door x1, cache x1, flame x1, book x1, shelf x1, gold x2, skulls x3, plate of food x1, bread x1, bottle x1

A very fun mold, with many uses and quick results. We can perform agile, many rooms combinable with each other for our games.

This mold belongs to the Stone Citadel range, is compatible with these molds and can be very useful to increase the number of pieces when reproducing them, as if it were a mold of speed.

I have made a compilation of decorative pieces to create our dungeons, we have gold, foood plate, bread and a bottle, a shelf, a book, skulls and a cauldron.

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We recommend plaster reproduction for its easy handling, low price, its absolute safety for the mold and the large size of our pieces that consume a lot of material.

By reproducing your mold with easy handling materials such as plaster, you can easily modify the pieces by cutting them, modify their joints, angulation and lengths, eliminate or add doors and windows, texture the back face, etc.

Our silicone is of high quality formulated to resist many reproductions with all the resins and a temperature of up to 205ºC. We recommend the reproduction of the small pieces of your mold in polyurethane resin following the guidelines of use of the resin.

The mold resists a multitude of copies in resin without deteriorating.

You can also use polyurethane resin to improve the easy-to-use common plaster. The dry plaster is brushed with resin, the plaster absorbs the resin looking very reinforced with little effort and money! see our technique in Tutorials

With our system and your imagination, your buildings will be all different.