Windows & Door Half Point – Gothic Sci-Fi

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This mold contains:

Closed door half point x1
Open window half point x1
Closed window half point x1


This mold is the perfect complement to mold #72 and master mold #71 because it contains doors and windows that are compatible in size and shape with these molds.

Designed so you can decorate the interior of buildings quickly. It can also be part of different projects not related to the rest of the molds.

ATTENTION: These pieces are very thin, therefore, they are difficult to unmold without breaking them. You can use a harder plaster or resin. If you use a plaster that is not very hard, wait until it is very dry to unmold and do it carefully!

Ventanas & Puerta Medio punto. Gothic Sci-Fi

Windows & Door Half Point - Gothic Sci-Fi


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