European Dwarfs mold


In this fun mold for miniatures, you will find a nice dwarf who can wear emblematic war helmets of the 19th and 20th century.

   You can also build different war machines such as heavy cannons and machine guns. It includes small pieces to reinforce and decorate the structures with rivets and a metal plate.

  With a little imagination, chassis and artillery pieces can be combined and be part of others of your projects.

   The assembly is very simple but remember that there are pieces that must be sculpted with the modeling blade to eliminate the channels through which the resin enters the piece.

   The mold resists a huge amount of copies with polyurethane resin, use this resin with caution!

   For the elimination of bubbles, use a non-sharpened instrument, when you do the first reproduction, you can see where the bubbles are usually retained.

   The scale is 28mm, compatible with other brands.

In Stock

In Scenery Forge, we offer a new product to the world of Wargames!

We offer molds so you can make as many miniatures as you need. Our molds for miniatures includes different mounting possibilities and compatibility with parts of other brands.

Our silicone is of high quality and allows large number of copies in resin without suffering deterioration.

The resulting pieces such as arms, heads, decoration, etc. require sanding and subsequent handling. The pieces are soft in detail to favor their reproduction, avoid bubbles and facilitate painting of very numerous and epic units!

Use all those arms and heads that you have forgotten in the drawer and endow them with bodies and legs!