Polyurethane Resin (250g + 250g)


Polyurethane resin.

It consists of: Part A (250g) and Part B (250g)

Very common product in modeling. Mix A and B at 50%, that is, the same amount of both components, in a clean glass and stir it for a few seconds.

Now mixed, you have between 2min and 3min in which it remains liquid, in this state you can fill the molds or apply it on the dry plaster to protect it.

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Scenery Forge is an authorized brand for the distribution of GP-55 Sumbeart resin

POLYURETHANE GP-55 is a fast two-component polyurethane that hardens to

room temperature to work by casting.

* Excellent for the manufacture of small models of great resistance and very easy


* The product consists of a resin and a hardener. Both without charging.

* POLYURETHANE GP-55 offers excellent fluidity.

* Very little odor from both components and from the mixture.

* Easy manual mixing.

* Viscosity adjustable by simply adding more or less load, to achieve the level

required reproduction fidelity.

* The qualities of the product are its rapid hardening and the easy machining of the

hardened material.

POLYURETHANE GP-55 is commonly used for:

* Reproduction of pieces on silicone molds.

* Negative.

* Models.

* Thumbnails.

* Prototypes.


Color once cured: Yellowish Ivory

Working temperature: Between 18 and 25º

Working time: 90 seconds approx.

Demoulding time: approx. 120 seconds.

Density: (DIN 53420): 1´150 gr./l.

Hardness: (DIN 53504): 75 SHORE D.

Tensile strength: (DIN 53504): 350 Kg / cm2

Elongation: (DIN 53504): 9%

Flexural strength: (DIN 53423): 500 Kg / cm2.

Shrinkage: <3%


* Shake the resin vigorously in order to homogenize it before use.

* Let stand for a moment.

* Mix the exact amounts of each of the components BY WEIGHT.

* Proceed to pour the resin into the mold.

* Strain into dry molds previously treated with a mold release agent.

One of the advantages of POLYURETHANE GP-55 is its reaction speed, which implies

a very short working time which, compensated by its low viscosity, allows the

obtaining pieces in series with the use of fewer molds.


* The product is printed on the label with the expiration date.

* This is valid as long as it is stored at room temperature. (Between 15º and 23º)

* It must be protected from moisture, fire and sources of heat.

* Once the container is opened, it must be used in its entirety as the product reacts

humidity, so we recommend that during use, the containers

remain open for the shortest period of time possible, putting the caps back on

once the necessary quantity of product has been extracted.

* Clean very well the remains of products that remain in the mouths and caps to avoid

crystallizations that prevent its discharge in subsequent uses.


* The resin contains a POLYOL mixed with some additives.

* The hardener contains an ISOCYANATE.

* May cause skin and eye irritation.

* In case of accidental contact with the skin, wash carefully with soap and water.

* In case of accidental projection in the eyes, they should be washed immediately with abundant

water and consult an ophthalmologist.

* Stained garments must be washed before reuse.

* Keep out of reach of children.