Orks Warriors. Heads, arms & blades


Here we will find three angry ork heads, six strong arms and rudimentary but terrible ork swords.

It also includes a bow with arrows and a decorated shield.

These pieces allow us to combine them with torsos and legs to make many orks for our units and armies.

The scale and appearance is compatible with the classic GW figures, with a somewhat oldschool look, a style that I love!

There's still something missing. What would an ork be with its spikes?

It also includes some skewers for the shield or for ... everything! they are orks ...

In Stock

In Scenery Forge, we offer a new product to the world of Wargames!

We offer molds so you can make as many miniatures as you need. Our molds for miniatures includes different mounting possibilities and compatibility with parts of other brands.

Our silicone is of high quality and allows large number of copies in resin without suffering deterioration.

The resulting pieces such as arms, heads, decoration, etc. require sanding and subsequent handling. The pieces are soft in detail to favor their reproduction, avoid bubbles and facilitate painting of very numerous and epic units!

Use all those arms and heads that you have forgotten in the drawer and endow them with bodies and legs!