About Us

Hi there to all our modelmaking and wargameing friends!

My name is Alvaro Gomez and I've been working making dental protheses for the past ten years. Luckily, my job that has given me the knowledge in materials, skills and sculpting techniques that I needed to develop this dynamic and fast system for the creation of scenery.

In the creation of dental protheses several types of plaster are involved, so I realised that I could designe this system that would let me use the remaining materials of each mould.

In my mould system pieces are really big which allows you to be able to reproduce the mould less times to create your buildings.

It is a system designed to create full playable tables in an easy and costless way. Given that, as the nerd that I am, I prepared my own tables with all kinds of settings. As I realised how fast and easy the system was I decided to begin selling my creations.

After a short but successful period making private ENCARGOS and EBAY auctioning scenery I wanted to go a step forward and give you the chance to own the key to our workshop; that is, you can own our moulds and our versatile technique to treat plaster and other porous materials.

IÕm sure that by joining our technique with your materials, imagination and, of course, your own techniques, you will be able to create wonderful, costless gaming tables with little effort!

Thank you for your visit.