Stone temples

With these molds you can complete your game table giving it a gothic touch, building a temple or the mausoleum of a cemetery to your liking. With an aesthetic reminiscent of games workshop scenery, it will fit perfectly in your warhammer warcry, mordheim, 40k or age of sigmar games.

  • Molde 61 Templos Góticos & Tumbas

    This mold contains: structural pieces x4, tombstones x4, column x1, buttress x1, triangular piece x1, coffin x1, cauldron x1, skulls x4, pile of skulls x1, sacred vessel x1, candles x2, shelf x1, flame x1, decoration stone pointed x1, skull facade decoration x1.

    Pieces on the sides of the mould: front skull decoration x8, Fantasy Football badges x5.

    This is one of the best selling molds! It is tremendously versatile, it is used for futuristic and fantasy settings, it is easy to assemble and fast to reproduce. Without a doubt, essential for your projects!


  • Molde 51 Maestro Templos de piedra

    Mold with a giant number of combinations. Its combinable pieces allow us to make buildings of different heights and with a lot of decoration such as columns, balconies, banners and coats of arms.

    It is a very large mold full of possibilities! Very useful for medieval and fantasy settings but also in historical and sci-fi settings.

    It is also ideal for creating Dungeons and hosting role-playing games.

    The design is intended to recreate ostentatious medieval looking buildings or ruins of ancient buildings, the final look is up to you!

    This mold provides pieces that are the same size in width as the gothic pieces in mold #61 that many of you already have.

  • Molde 52 Speed Mold Piezas Góticas

    A very efficient mold since the resulting parts are ready to be assembled. It provides us with 4 structural pieces of 5.2cm x 8cm, columns, balcony, decorations and doors.

    This mold is an ideal complement to the 71 master mold as it gives us a very considerable speed when finishing our gaming tables.

  • Little speed molde Arco de medio punto

    This mold contains: Structural pieces x3, balcony piece x1, large column x1, small column x2, door pieces x2, banner, decoration x4, locks x2 and door decoration x2

    This mold format contains 3 structural parts and not 4 as in other molds. It reduces the number of pieces when reproducing it by 1, but the size is also reduced.
    You have so many possibilities with this mold, don’t underestimate this little guy!

    This mold does not need any other mold to give us varied projects, but it can be used to reinforce other molds of this same style and thus speed up the reproduction process.

    An excellent choice if you’ve just arrived at Sceney Forge

  • Columnas Románicas Molde multipropósito

    This mold contains:

    Half column pieces x4, quarter column pieces x2, pieces to form column bases x7.

  • Molde 43 Techo de teja corrugada XL

    This mold contains:

    Regular corrugated tile roof x1