• Orks Warriors. Bodies, legs & ork snacks.

    This mold is essential to create an unstoppable green wave! Here we have the torsos and legs of our boys.

    The infantry legs are very dynamically designed to represent the will to fight of these brainless mass of green muscles.

    Also includes legs for boar riders and a varied selection of orc snacks, human heads, hands and some dead rats, a balanced diet!

  • Orks Warriors. Heads, arms & blades

    Here we will find three angry orc heads, six strong arms and rudimentary but terrible orc swords.

    Also includes a bow with arrows and a decorated shield.

    These pieces allow us to combine them with torsos and legs to make many orcs for our units and armies.

    The scale and appearance is compatible with the classic GW figures, with a somewhat oldschool look, a style that I love!

    Something is still missing. What would an ork be without his spikes?

    It also includes some skewers for the shield or for … everything! they are orcs…

  • Black Orks.

    These green masses of iron and muscle are the most “disciplined” and heaviest troops in the army.

    To represent that amount of iron and steel, this mold features a large black orc, in a slow and heavy march, with huge swords and lots of metal spikes and teeth.

    It is an easy to assemble miniature, it consists of two compatible halves to assemble the orc and large blades designed so that we can sculpt them the way we want.

    Ideal for reproduction with polyurethane resin.

  • Jabalíes. Molde

    I had to make an angry pig for my orks! The legs of the Ork horsemen fit perfectly on the back of these flea boar.

    It has an appearance consistent with other boar miniatures, with them we can complete a troop of horsemen or make it complete or also make fun carriages for our orks.


  • Pack Orks Molds x4 -20% Off

    Orks molds are selling a lot, now with this pack they will all be on sale!

    This pack includes 4 medieval fantasy ork molds. Black Orks, 2 molds to make ork foot warriors and horsemen, weapons, bow, shield, spikes and a mold to make chubby angry boars.