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Sci-Fi Metropolis

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Pack SciFi Molds 101, 102, 103

Pack with the 3 basic molds of Sci-Fi. You will speed up the process of creating pieces if you empty several molds at the same time. If you want to make a full table quickly, this is your option.

Price €57.00

Master Mold 101 SciFi...

This mold contains: structural pieces x3 (wall, floor and balcony) columns x2, door x1, window x1, fan x1, ladder x1, electronic controller x1, advertising poster x1, decorative and modifiable pieces x6.

Like all our molds, this is also designed to modify and cut the pieces to your liking, creating new possibilities.

Price €32.00

Mold 102 Speed Mold SciFi

This mold contains: Wall x3, floor x1, semicircular column x1, square column x1

This mold is designed to finish your projects much earlier. You will multiply pus pieces in a very remarkable way!

Price €26.00

Molde 103 SciFi Vehicles

This mold contains: structural pieces x7, closing column x1, pneumatic wheel x1, train wheel x1, controls / decoration x2.

Although at first glance this mold seems abstract, it is one of the most versatile and fun!

Price €18.00