Stone Temples

Stone Temples

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Mold 61 Gothic Temples & Tombs

This mold contains: Structural pieces x4, tombstones x4, column x1, abutment x1, triangular piece x1, coffin x1, cabernet x1, skulls x4, pile of skulls x1, sacrum container x1, candles x2, shelf x1, flame x1, stone decoration pointy x1, skulls facade decoration x1.

Pieces on the sides of the mold: skulls facade decoration x8, Fantasy Football badges x5

This is one of the best selling molds! It is tremendously versatile, it serves for futuristic environments and fantasy, it is easy to assemble and quick to reproduce. Without a doubt, essential for your projects!

Realizado con molde Gótico 61
Protect cheap plaster whit poliurethane resin
Luke's review
Price €34.00

Mold 51 Master Stone Temples

You have a mold in front that will provide you with an enormous amount of combinations. Its combinable pieces allow us to make buildings of different heights and with much decoration such as columns, balconies, banners and coats of arms.
It is a very large mold full of possibilities! Very useful for medieval environments and fantasy but also in historical settings and sci-fi. It is also ideal for creating Dungeons and hosting role games.
Is designed to recreate ostentatious buildings of a medieval appearance or ruins of ancient buildings, the final look will depend on you! This mold provides pieces of the same size in width to the Gothic pieces of the mold # 61 that many of you already have.
Price €36.00

Mold 52 Speed Mold Gothic...

In this case, we have a very efficient mold since the resulting parts are ready to be assembled. It provides us with 4 structural pieces of 5,2cm x 8cm, columns, balconies, decorations and doors.

This mold is an ideal complement to the master mold 62 because it gives us a very considerable speed when finishing our game tables.

Price €32.00

Little speed molde Arco de...

This mold contains: Structural pieces x3, piece of ebalcón x1, large column x1, small column x2, pieces of door x2, standard, decoration x4, locks x2 and decoration for door x2

This mold format contains 3 structural pieces and not 4 as in other molds. It reduces the number of pieces when reproducing it in 1, but it also reduces the size.

You have many possibilities with this mold, do not underestimate this little one!

This mold does not need any other mold to give us a lot of projects, but it can serve to reinforce other molds of the same style and thus accelerate the reproduction process.

Also an excellent option if you just got to Sceney Forge.

Price €28.00

Roman Columns Multipurpose...

This mold contains: pieces of half column x4, pieces of a quarter of column x2, pieces to form bases of column x7.

In many settings and projects it may be useful to add columns. This is another mold that works very well absolutely only and without being combined with others, but it is also compatible in its measurements, with our molds.

A good option for those who have our molds and you need to create many more compatible columns, quickly.

Price €11.95

Natural Textures Granite

This mold contains: Rectangular plate with natural rock texture.

Friends who love creating scenery, that I can tell you that you can`t see!

This is a mold designed to apply thin layers of textured material on other lightweight materials that we have previously modeled.

With this mold you can always texturize any area of ​​your table that you need.

Price €11.95

Natural wood planks

This mold contains: Rectangular plate with texture of natural wood planks.

Designed so that we never lack wood planks for our projects.

It is very easy to make floors and structures for our buildings.

These small molds are also very easy to reproduce.

You can create thin resin planks by filling the mold less.

If you do it with plaster, you can easily cut the different boards with your hands and place them where you need them.

Price €11.95

Mold 43 Corrugated tile...

A very useful mold for many different environments.

This piece is of a wide corrugated tile roof, easy to cut or modify to fit our different buildings.

It is an ideal roof for games with scales from 25mm to 30mm.

Price €16.00

Mold Trenches

We could not miss in our collection, a mold to perform quickly and modularly, sandbag covers.

This mold also includes pieces to create simple wooden structures and metal pieces to decorate them. To this we must add to those uncomfortable neighbors of all war and trench, the rats!

I could not help adding two models to decorate the trenches and buildings of other projects.

Price €12.50

Skeletons Mold

In this mold we have an excellent complement for our base of great monsters of Warhammer 40000 or Fantasy and to decorate our tables of Mordheim and Frostgrave.

For zombie or post-apocalyptic game tables, they are also great!

They are thin pieces, it is necessary to eliminate the bubbles when reproducing it with resin.

Price €11.50