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Medieval Fantasy

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Medieval dead soldiers

This mold includes: Soldiers killed x5, spear x1, lance x1, bag x1, canteen x1.

Fun mold with soldiers fallen in battle. Recreate your own massacre! It is a good complement to decorate scenery elements and bases.

You can reproduce them with resin, plaster, putty, acrylic resin or whatever you prefer.

Price €10.10

Mold 43 Corrugated tile...

A very useful mold for many different environments.

This piece is of a wide corrugated tile roof, easy to cut or modify to fit our different buildings.

It is an ideal roof for games with scales from 25mm to 30mm.

Price €16.00

Mold Trenches

We could not miss in our collection, a mold to perform quickly and modularly, sandbag covers.

This mold also includes pieces to create simple wooden structures and metal pieces to decorate them. To this we must add to those uncomfortable neighbors of all war and trench, the rats!

I could not help adding two models to decorate the trenches and buildings of other projects.

Price €12.50

Skeletons Mold

In this mold we have an excellent complement for our base of great monsters of Warhammer 40000 or Fantasy and to decorate our tables of Mordheim and Frostgrave.

For zombie or post-apocalyptic game tables, they are also great!

They are thin pieces, it is necessary to eliminate the bubbles when reproducing it with resin.

Price €11.50

Human Warriors mold

This mold has been very fun for me to create. As many of you already know, I am very fond of converting miniatures and this mold allows me to make many combinations.

This mold allows us to create miniatures to complete our Warhammer Fantasy, Kings of war units or our Mordheim and Frostgrave bands.

Customize and create many miniatures for our role-playing games, or even create civilian miniatures.

Contains fine pieces, we must remove the bubbles with a thin but not sharp instrument.

This silicone resists many casting of any resin, follow the manufacturer's instructions well to avoid surprises!

Price €12.90

Wargames Accessories x98

This is a mold full of details!

Contains: boxes, barrels, trunks, bottles, beer, swords, tools, cloth, a wood handcart (piecesx5), cutlery, potions, teapots and jugs, tools, broom, scythe, books, stamps, a honeycomb, a coffin, lamps, gold, an apple and a dove. There are 98 pieces!

Some pieces are very easy to reproduce and others are more difficult.

We must remove the bubbles with a not sharp instrument. It is ideal for using polyurethane resin for small bits and using plaster or acrylic resin for large pieces.

Price €29.00

Horses & Mules.

Fun and very versatile mold! A mold with which to make many different horses and mules, it also includes equipment for the rider such as saber, knife, blanket, gun, canteens, suitcases etc. I have used some infantry soldier to make various horsemen. The option of making mules is very useful to represent civil carriages and beasts of burden. Without a doubt, a very useful and fun mold to use.

Made of polyurethane resin.

Price €12.95