Miniature Molds (soldiers & accessories)

Miniature Molds (soldiers & accessories)

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Orks Sci-fi Mold

This mold includes: Body x1, legs x1, arms x2, head x2, gatling x1, chassis heavy weapon x1 chassis light weapon x1, rocket x1, light barrel x1, charger x1, shoulder pads x2, metal crest x1, knives x2, decorative skewers x10.

With this mold for orks, you can create different troops and conversions. You can use polyurethane resin or green modeling putty.

Try to eliminate visible bubbles with an unsharpened instrument when you reproduce your miniatures with resin.

Price €12.90

Fantasy Elves Mold

This mold includes: Body x1, boots x2, arms x4 (halberd, spear and bow) head x1, quiver and arrows x1, decoration x2, shoulder pads x2

With this mold you can make a multitude of multicomponent elves. Use polyurethane resin or modeling putty.

Try to eliminate visible bubbles with an unsharpened instrument when you reproduce your miniatures with resin.

Price €12.90

Roman Columns Multipurpose...

This mold contains: pieces of half column x4, pieces of a quarter of column x2, pieces to form bases of column x7.

In many settings and projects it may be useful to add columns. This is another mold that works very well absolutely only and without being combined with others, but it is also compatible in its measurements, with our molds.

A good option for those who have our molds and you need to create many more compatible columns, quickly.

Price €11.95

Industrial Caterpillar

Give your imagination a free rein! This mold allows to make many types of vehicles. 
The Orks love it! It is a very retentive piece, you must unmold carefully if you use plaster.
The zones of the ends of the caterpillars are thickened in their interior to reinforce the zone

Price €11.95

Medieval dead soldiers

This mold includes: Soldiers killed x5, spear x1, lance x1, bag x1, canteen x1.

Fun mold with soldiers fallen in battle. Recreate your own massacre! It is a good complement to decorate scenery elements and bases.

You can reproduce them with resin, plaster, putty, acrylic resin or whatever you prefer.

Price €10.10

Polyurethane Resin (250g +...

Polyurethane resin.

It consists of: Part A (250g) and Part B (250g)

Very common product in modeling. Mix A and B at 50%, that is, the same amount of both components, in a clean glass and stir it for a few seconds.

Now mixed, you have between 2min and 3min in which it remains liquid, in this state you can fill the molds or apply it on the dry plaster to protect it.

Price €10.90

Armored Knight

This mold contains:

Horse piece x2, horse head x1, horse horn x1, horse tail x1, knight head x1, torso x1, legs x1, arms x2, feather decoration x1, shoulder pads x2, canteen, sack, blanket x1.

Mold side:

Swords x4 (2 models) Shields x3 (3 models)

With this mold I wanted to make my small tribute to the miniatures of my youth.

He is a mythical heavily armed knight.

Its size is ideal to be combined with other miniatures and pieces.

Price €12.90

European Dwarfs mold

In this fun mold for miniatures, you will find a nice dwarf who can wear emblematic war helmets of the 19th and 20th century.

   You can also build different war machines such as heavy cannons and machine guns. It includes small pieces to reinforce and decorate the structures with rivets and a metal plate.

  With a little imagination, chassis and artillery pieces can be combined and be part of others of your projects.

   The assembly is very simple but remember that there are pieces that must be sculpted with the modeling blade to eliminate the channels through which the resin enters the piece.

   The mold resists a huge amount of copies with polyurethane resin, use this resin with caution!

   For the elimination of bubbles, use a non-sharpened instrument, when you do the first reproduction, you can see where the bubbles are usually retained.

   The scale is 28mm, compatible with other brands.

Price €12.90

Mold Trenches

We could not miss in our collection, a mold to perform quickly and modularly, sandbag covers.

This mold also includes pieces to create simple wooden structures and metal pieces to decorate them. To this we must add to those uncomfortable neighbors of all war and trench, the rats!

I could not help adding two models to decorate the trenches and buildings of other projects.

Price €12.50

Skeletons Mold

In this mold we have an excellent complement for our base of great monsters of Warhammer 40000 or Fantasy and to decorate our tables of Mordheim and Frostgrave.

For zombie or post-apocalyptic game tables, they are also great!

They are thin pieces, it is necessary to eliminate the bubbles when reproducing it with resin.

Price €11.50

Human Warriors mold

This mold has been very fun for me to create. As many of you already know, I am very fond of converting miniatures and this mold allows me to make many combinations.

This mold allows us to create miniatures to complete our Warhammer Fantasy, Kings of war units or our Mordheim and Frostgrave bands.

Customize and create many miniatures for our role-playing games, or even create civilian miniatures.

Contains fine pieces, we must remove the bubbles with a thin but not sharp instrument.

This silicone resists many casting of any resin, follow the manufacturer's instructions well to avoid surprises!

Price €12.90

Oil Barrels

This mold contains:

Half a Barrel of Oil x10

Designs x3 (3-3-4)

What can I tell you about this mold ... perhaps this element of scenery is one of the most used in all kinds of board games.

Widely used in Warhammer 40,000 from old editions and mandatory in Waaagh Orko armies and vehicles.

A must-have in Necromunda and Bolt Action.

They should also be mandatory in post-apocalyptic and zombie games!

It is an easy to use and very productive mold, with very few reproductions we will make many, many ... many barrels.

Place them everywhere and wherever you need them, permanently on your scenography elements or as individual and modular elements.

A mold for everyone, easy to use and very useful, a good option to start with this world of molds for wargames.

Price €11.90