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Wargames Accessories x98

This is a mold full of details!

Contains: boxes, barrels, trunks, bottles, beer, swords, tools, cloth, a wood handcart (piecesx5), cutlery, potions, teapots and jugs, tools, broom, scythe, books, stamps, a honeycomb, a coffin, lamps, gold, an apple and a dove. There are 98 pieces!

Some pieces are very easy to reproduce and others are more difficult.

We must remove the bubbles with a not sharp instrument. It is ideal for using polyurethane resin for small bits and using plaster or acrylic resin for large pieces.

Price €29.00

Elite Dwarfs

A long awaited mold since I started designing it and showed the first tests!

It offers us a couple of dwarf models covered in steel and a couple of weaponry options.

We have the option of making a classic infantry troop, armed with shields, axes and hammers or we can also make a terrifying troop with flamethrowers.

These dwarves are very easy to reproduce and assemble, just sand each half of the dwarf or weapons a little and assemble them.

Price €12.95

Polyurethane resin (1Kg + 1Kg)

Polyurethane resin.

It consists of: Part A (250g) and Part B (250g)

Very common product in modeling. Mix A and B at 50%, that is, the same amount of both components, in a clean glass and stir it for a few seconds.

Now mixed, you have between 2min and 3min in which it remains liquid, in this state you can fill the molds or apply it on the dry plaster to protect it.

Price €25.75

Horses & Mules.

Fun and very versatile mold! A mold with which to make many different horses and mules, it also includes equipment for the rider such as saber, knife, blanket, gun, canteens, suitcases etc. I have used some infantry soldier to make various horsemen. The option of making mules is very useful to represent civil carriages and beasts of burden. Without a doubt, a very useful and fun mold to use.

Made of polyurethane resin.

Price €12.95

Pack Medieval x5

This pack includes the 5 molds that we have available for fantastic medieval. You will realize your projects more quickly thanks to the large quantity and large size of the pieces included. In these molds there are many small decorative pieces, not only buildings and structures.

Luke's review
Initiate performs his first Mordheim
Price €141.10

Wild Boars mold

I had to make an angry pig for my orks! The legs of the Ork horsemen fit perfectly on the back of these flea boar.

It has an appearance consistent with other boar miniatures, with them we can complete a troop of horsemen or make it complete or also make fun carriages for our orks.

Price €9.95

Pack Orks Molds x4

The ork molds are being very sold, now with this pack they will all be discounted!

This pack includes 4 medieval fantasy ork molds. We have Black Orks, 2 molds to make infantry and horsemen ork warriors, weapons, bow, shield, spikes and a mold to make angry boars.

Price €27.70